83 Years and counting!

Welcome to The New Lake Erie & International Railway


Open House Schedule

Currently the Club is closed to the general public.
For many years between October and May, we’ve opened our doors to the public.
We’ll be announcing new open house dates soon.
We would like to thank everyone for their support and wonderful memories from past open houses.
The tradition will continue!


Construction of the London Model Railroad Group's new Lake Erie & International Railway is well underway, and we hope to resume our monthly Open Houses soon. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and future events.

We’re now located at 4474 Blakie Rd., Unit 127, in south London, just off Exeter Road.

Join us on this exciting journey, either as a full or supporting member. We need all skills and levels of expertise, including carpentry/woodworking; track and switch laying; wiring; electronics; building construction; and scenery and backdrop creation. A passion for model railroading is really the key ingredient! For more information, check out our Join Us page.

Thank you to the local businesses and community members past and present who have generously supported us throughout the years; we look forward to working with you as we rebuild for tomorrow.

The new 2-level, 60'/18.3m layout depicts the St. Mary's/London/Port Stanley region as it might have been in the 1970s. We're currently establishing new standards for construction, buildings, and scenery; and working on dioramas, animations, and automation that will delight visitors of all ages.

Check back often as we’ll be updating the site with news and developments as we build out the new LE&I.

For comments, suggestions, questions, and membership inquiries, drop us a line at contact@lmrg.org.

Our website and email will all remain active throughout our transition period.



What’s My Collection Worth?
From time to time, we’re asked to value and even purchase a model train collection. While we’re happy to discuss trains, layouts, and railroads of all sizes, we’re regrettably unable to provide valuations and in only rare circumstances might we acquire pieces of outstanding merit. Note that the group adheres to a 2-rail, 1:48 O-scale standard.

With the resumption of traditional train meets, they, along with specialist online auction houses, are good places to assess value and sell model trains and accessories. Potential sellers should note that many toy trains, especially 3-rail Lionel and similar units, were produced in quantity and built to last, with the result that there are many working models still in existence and while vintage, they are not as rare as you might think.

That said, buyers will pay a premium for trains in original boxes and pristine condition.



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